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Headstrong Media Group is a full-service management, development, and marketing agency based in Nashville. We specialize in work with world-renowned artists, like Allan Holdsworth, Jeff Berlin, David Sancious, Ian McDonald, Wayne Moss, and Hansford Rowe. We assist them in developing and marketing new projects and we represent them in negotiations for collaborative or for-hire projects.

For 35 years, Gold and Platinum certified Producer and staff producer/A&R executive (EMI Music Group/Universal) John McCracken has helped A-list musicians like Jeff Berlin, Allan Holdsworth, Sarah Brightman, Diana Ross, Michael Crawford, Hansford Rowe, and Soften the Glare develop and monetize their creative output via music and DVD recordings for a wide array of major and independent labels, TV and film companies, and music software companies.

For 25 years, Sarah Childress (Ph.D., Vanderbilt) has been creating and executing marketing and communication strategies for clients that include ESPN, the Discovery Channel, The Coca-Cola Company, Delta Air Lines, and BellSouth/AT&T in addition to producing independent films and teaching film courses at Vanderbilt University, Belmont University, and Bowdoin College.


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